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Jada Fire Biography Photo Jada Fire Biography
Born: 9/1/1976
Aliases: Jada, Jada Fin, Jada Fine, Jada Fires, Jade, Jade Fire, Ms jada

Date of Birth: September 1st, 1976
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
Current Resident in California
Birth Name: Jareena "Jade" Johnson
Assumed Aliases: Jada Fine | Jada Fires | SquirtWoman
Height: 5' 5" Weight: 114 lbs Waist: 24 Hips: 36
Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black Breast: 36DD
Jada Fire was born into a rising super city of opportunity and adult splendor. Los Angeles would prove to be a natural placement for this striking young black beauty.

Her start in the business was a surprise type of merger of actions as Jada explained in detail in a recent interview: "I wasn't used to dick at the time," she said. Before she got into the porn business, Fire was doing phone sex. And Wankus was doing the math trying to figure out her age. Co-host Sunny Lane made the comment that Fire was really gorgeous. Prior to working at phone sex, Fire said she was employed at KFC.

"Like chicken places- I started off at KFC and Taco Bell," she said. "I was jumping around different food franchises- I was young and didn't give a fuck." Wankus also imagined that Fire may have been one of the first women in the phone sex industry to be attractive.

"Were you in a room with a bunch of heifers or were you at home doing it?" he wondered. Fire recalled how she worked out of a cubicle with a woman who ate Snickers.

"But she had the best voice ever." Fire said she needed more money and started looking through magazines for other opportunities.

"The first girl that got into porn that I knew was India," said Fire. "She was in a year before me- I called her up and she hooked me up with T.T. Boy. I need to pay her back for that." Recalling when she started, Fire said she wasn't nervous so much as wanting to work her way up. She began doing groups scenes, got her tits done and started doing anal.

"I was squirting- I'm the only black girl that can squirt," she proclaimed.

"How far can you squirt?" Lane asked.

"Far," Jada replied. Asked who taught her, Fire said she pretty much taught herself.

"A lot of people say it's like peeing so how does it work for real?" Wankus also wondered. "Do you put a bottle of Arrowhead in there before you go? How does it work?"

"It's kind of like a secret- I'm not giving up any of the squirting secrets," Fire laughed. "Girls would kill me if I told the secrets."

Lane, who's squirted herself on occasion, backed it up by saying there's a method to the madness.

"There's a way you can train yourself so it is real and pure." In her case, Fire said she can control the urge.

"But if it's feeling real, real good, you feel like you want to ejaculate." Wankus also wondered if she had sex outside of the business. Fire said she didn't.

"There's crazy motherfuckers out there," Fire added, noting that she has a stalker. Wankus was ready to call the guy on the air.

"He's really fucking making my life miserable," Fire added, not knowing how the guy she called "Lee" got her number to begin with.

"He called me on the phone and asked for a blowjob for $100," she continued. "He kept calling and from there he told me what my balance on my phone bill was. [You think he might work for the phone company?] That kind of freaked me out. He's taking it to the next level and it shouldn't be going there, you know what I mean? He should leave me alone."

According to Fire, her stalker has a MySpace page and Wankus checked him out.

"I always wondered what happened to him after Fresh Prince," Wankus joked. It sounded from the way Wankus talked like the guy's picture was a doctored one of Michael Jackson.

"Why's he stalking you- do you have any kids?" Wankus chuckled, assuming that the picture was a phony.

Since entering the industry, she has become best known for her large breasts (in particular her very large areolas), round buttocks, ability to ejaculate, and her performances in Gonzo style films, with lesbian, interracial, bondage or anal themes. Most of her films, like Hit That PHAT Ass 4, are based around women with large round buttocks, or?as they are often marketed?a Ghetto Booty, black on black themes. She also has filmed a significant number of interracial scenes.

Many of her common male co-stars are Julian St. John, Byron Long, and Lexington Steele.

In 2005 AVN nominated Jada (along with co-stars Katja Kassin, Rio Mariah and Marc Davis) for the Best Group Sex Scene - Video Award. Then in 2006 Jada was nominated for the prestigious Female Performer of the Year Award. To date though, she has yet to win an AVN Award.

Jada was awarded for Ass of the Year in the Porn World Awards held in Elmont, NY on January 3, 2007.

The first thing you notice about Porn Star Jada Fire is her absolutely amazing figure. An all-natural thing of beauty, it's home to a scintillating selection of curves that are guaranteed to get a rise out of any audience. Jada Fire's also got a quite pretty face and a sparkling smile that can light up a room. Her numerous tattoos point to her wild side, but you can only truly appreciate her out-there adventurousness by catching her in amorous action.

Jada Fire was born and raised in Los Angeles. She got into hardcore at the age of 21 in 1998 as a way to pay her way through school. Jada Fire's studying to become a make-up artist, but fans of black hardcore are hoping she's still got a few years left in school. That's because Jada Fire has shown herself time and again to be one of the most energetic, joyful performers on the scene.

Among her best scenes is the awesome opener from "Sugar Walls 8," where she joins Byron Long for a frantic fling that leaves them both in a sweaty, satiated state. A wonderful oral practitioner, Jada Fire shows off her skills for Mr. Marcus in "Fade to Black 1." The scene builds in intensity and energy until Marcus and Jada Fire are engaged in a blistering back door boff.

Jada Fire is every bit as happy in the arms of women, too. In "Black Panty Chronicles 1," she hooks up with Xtacee in a searing pool-based plunge. Jada Fire's best lesbian outing just might be her torrid tryst in the back of a limo with luscious Chocolate in "Mr. Marcus' Neighborhood 6."

A spunky go-getter of a porno starlet, Jada Fire brings real passion and enthusiasm to each and every scene. While Jada Fire's not the most prolific of sex kittens, each one of her features seems all the more special due to their relative scarcity. Anyone into all-natural black hard bodies would do well to check out this shapely sweetie.

The Jada Fire Interview

At long last, I present to you my Jada Fire interview from the AVN show this year. I personally think it was worth the wait. Jada was without a doubt the most candid porn star Iíve ever spoken to. She told me about her favorite types of scenes, her first experience with the powerhouse that is Annette Schwarz and the worst thing thatís ever happened to her on a porn set. If youíve recently eaten, Iíd suggest waiting on this one (donít say I didnít warn you!).
Alison: Iím here with Jada Fire at AVN 2009. Jadaís been signing autographs all weekend and she is tired. So other than crazy fans, are you having fun meeting your fans?

Jada: Yeah, both. I didnít even know that they honestly, that they really liked me. They like my ass.

Alison: So youíre signing in the Evil Angel booth. Youíve gotta be sort of a dirty girlÖ

Jada: Yep. yep. yep. A little bit.

Alison: What are your favorite kinds of scenes to do?

Jada: Strap ons.

Alison: Men or women?

Jada: I donít do no goddamn guys. Hey cameraman, you want me to hook you up?

Noah: Sure!

Jada: [laughs] Yeah I like the DPs and all of that too.

Alison: Which girls are really fun to do strap ons with?

Jada: [looks around devilishly] I like the white girls

Alison: Yeah?

Jada: Yeah!

Alison: In the last couple years, whatís your favorite scene that youíve done?

Jada: Oh man thatís a good question. Every single scene that Iíve done with Manuel [Ferrara], Steve Holmes, and Erik Everhard. I canít even say like which one in particular but I can just say the guys that Iíve done my scenes with.
And Annette Schwarz. Thatís a nasty fucking German bitch.

Alison: She does some crazy thingsÖ

Jada: She scared the hell out of me on our first scene out there. She was all quiet and I was like, ďAw man, I got me a little quiet girl? Damn!Ē So Iím about to start the scene and, you know, making outÖand I had drank some orange juice and Holmes was going real deep in my throat and I was like, ďOh shit, wait a minute! Oh god, oh, itís coming up! Oh shit!Ē Iím like, ďFuck it.Ē I just let it go, puked everywhere, kept on going (cause Iím gangsta like that)Ö.And Annette ate it.

Alison: Iím sorry, I canítÖ.Iím trying to take this all inÖ

Jada: Shout outs to Annette Schwartz. You are the shit.

Alison: When she was doing that, were you just like, Holy shit?

Jada: No. It shocked me at first but I just had to keep going.

Alison: Stay in the scene?

Jada: Yeah, I just kept going. I kept going. I said, ďMaybe, hey, maybe she like it.Ē

Alison: Youíre a real professional.

Jada: Normally girls wouldíve stopped and said, ďWait a minute, why did you just do that? Why are you eating that?Ē But hey, man. She is a beast, man.

Alison: Howíd the rest of that scene go?

Jada: It was good, man. I think we fucked for like 2 or 3 hours. It was good. It was for, um, I think Jazz.

Alison: Jazz Duro?

Jada: YeahÖIíve done some crazy shit.

Alison: Whatís your favorite thing about your job?

Jada: Every sceneís always different. You donít know whatís going to happen. Donít matter if you done worked with that person a billion times, it seems like somethingís always just tweaked a little different with each scene. And youíre like, ďDamn. You didnít do that last time.Ē

Alison: Has anything worse than [Annette Schwarz eating your vomit] ever happened to you on a set?

Jada: Damn, anything worse than thatÖIíve been the strap-on girl for like 30 white girls and a gang of them like, shitted on me.

Alison: Thatís not cool.

Jada: Thatís not cool. And Iím saying that for real.

Alison: How should they have prepared for the scene? What should they have done differently?

Jada: I donít know, justÖOh my god, eat a bran muffin or something. I donít know, shit all that out. Get that out. Because your intestines is real long, so you canít just think you about to clean out that one 15 minutes or something. Itís not gonna work. You gotta work that out the day before, I think. And freshen up the next day. And if youíre feeling sick, that you have diarrhea, you need to tell somebody. Donít just try to get the money cause youíre broke.

Alison: Jada, I can honestly say that this was the most entertaining interview Iíve ever done.

Jada: Thank you. [laughs]

Alison: [laughing] Thank you so much.

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